About Printing

Digital printing is best understood as being like a piece of paper going through a color printer. Of course, it is not quite that simple. Special inks are used, garments must be pre-treated to ensure the ink bonds with the fabric, and the finished print must be properly dried. The process, however, is digital, which means your design can be full color, and we can print from any file that is 300 dpi or higher. And because there is no machine set-up involved, our minimum digital print requirement is just one garment, though each shirt is printed one at a time which adds to the cost.

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods to create custom tees. All the colors in the artwork must be separated, and mesh screens "burned" for each color used. Ink is literally poured onto the screen and drawn across the screen with a squeegee which presses the ink onto the garment, one color at a time. Between burning the screens, mixing the ink and getting the machine all loaded up, there is a lot of set up for each order, which is why the minimum order for screen print is 36 pieces. We also limit screen print orders to a maximum of 5 colors per printed design.

What are the minimum purchase requirements?

If your print order is for less than 36 pieces per version of your logo, your logo will be printed using digital printing which is also known as Direct to Garment, or DTG printing. Not all styles are available for digital print. If your print order is for more than 36 pieces per version of your logo, your logo will be screen printed onto your garment. A "version" refers to size, format, ink colors, and logo locations.

What are the specifications for artwork uploaded for Printing?

The artwork you submit to us must meet these requirements:

We can accept the following file types under 5MB: .AI, .PSD, .EPS, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .PDF, .GIF, .BMP, and .SVG. Files larger than 5MB can be emailed to

Q. Can you print a photo on t-shirts?

Currently, we are not printing gradients or photographic images. However, there can be exceptions to this rule. If your logo has gradients or you have a photographic image, please contact our Customer Experience Team to see how we can help.

What is the fee for having my embroidery logo converted into a printed Logo?

$0! We're proud to say that we do not charge logo setup fees.

Can my logo be printed in two locations?

Yes, you can choose to have your logo printed in two locations such as left chest and full back for an additional $3.50 per shirt. A single print location is included in the shirt cost.

Can you print on dark colored shirts? Do you print white ink?

Yes. We are able to print on all color fabrics.

How are white areas of my design printed?

For different fabric colors the white elements of your logo will print differently:

  • For Printing on Light Fabric: If your printed apparel style selected is white, we will use the fabric as the white elements in your logo design. For other light fabrics, white will be used as an ink color unless otherwise requested in your logo instructions to our Art Team.
  • For Printing on Dark Fabric: All dark fabrics will have a white ink base included, with the additional 5 ink colors allowed printed on top of that base layer. This ensures that the colors will be vivid and saturated on dark items.

  • Can I have my logo embroidered and printed on the same shirt?

    We are unable to embroider and print on the same apparel item. However, you can place an order with embroidered shirts and printed shirts.

    Why can't I order the same items for print that I can for embroidery?

    Printing is a very specific process which requires apparel specially designed for direct to garment printing. While embroidery can be done on a large variety of materials, print can only be done on fabrics that are compatible with our ink and printing processes. Some of our most popular items for embroidery will not work for printing due to the fabric content, texture and ornamentation such as buttons, seams, or zippers. You will find our complete line of items available for printing under our Printed Apparel categories.

    Print Decoration Methods


    Screen Print vs Digital Print

    Screen Print vs Digital Print


    What Locations Are Available For Printing?

    We offer a standard set of logo locations for Print. Please keep in mind that for both Screen Print and Digital Print we can only do one location per side (front and back). See the diagrams below for more information.

    What Ink Colors Are Available For Screen Print?

    Light Blue
    Deep Sky Blue
    Royal Blue
    Navy Blue
    Lime Green
    Kelly Green
    Dark Teal
    Forest Green
    Olive Green
    Pastoral Green
    Baby Pink
    Hot Pink
    Light Purple
    Red SP
    Burnt Orange
    Dark Tan
    Bright Gold
    Lemon SP
    Old Gold