Fees for Shipping, Rush Delivery and Logo Set Up

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Your shipping costs are determined by the weight of your package. Please see the chart at the right for a guide to our shipping rates. Please note that these rates only apply to ground shipping addresses within the contiguous United States which excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Please contact us for shipping rates to US locations not in the contiguous United States. One shirt generally weighs just under one pound.

For orders outside the U.S., Shipping & Handling is dependent on the shipping address and the weight of the package. Exact shipping fees will not be known until the order is processed, weighed and ready to ship. The shipping fees will be charged separately after your order has shipped and we have the exact cost.

Rush Fees And Estimated Delivery Time

When you check out, you will choose your Guaranteed Delivery Date. If you want your order quickly we have rush options that include a $50 rush fee. Standard Guaranteed Delivery is no charge. If you have some flexibility on when you need your order, choose our extended option and get a $5 credit for your next reorder. If you chose our extended delivery option you will most likely get your order sooner than your Guaranteed Delivery Date, but we promise you won't get it later! The process of setting up your logo and getting it approved adds a couple of days to the process. When you re-order using an existing logo, those steps are not necessary, so the process goes a little quicker. We cannot guarantee delivery dates for orders being shipped outside of the contiguous U.S.

Please contact us or call 800-847-4478 with any questions.

Logo Set-Up And Embroidery Fees

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge a setup fee to convert your logo into an embroidered work of art. We're confident that our products and people will win you over and that you'll be a Queensboro customer for a long, long time. We're not looking for a short-term revenue boost, we want to build a long-term relationship.

When you place your first order, we will evaluate your logo to make sure it will translate well into embroidery. If your logo needs modifications to meet our standard-size, we will reach out to you and explain the changes we need to make. In most cases, we can stay under the 11,000 stitch maximum while retaining the character and appearance of the logo.

After we've evaluated your logo, we will format it for embroidery. We'll then email a proof for your review. If you request changes, we'll work with you to get the look you want while maintaining good embroidery design. We will not produce your order until you have approved a proof.

Embroidery files that we create are the property of Queensboro. There is an option to purchase your embroidery file, if necessary. The fee to purchase .dst files is $50 per logo. Gold and Silver packages do not include a copy of the embroidery file. Please contact our Customer Experience team for assistance or for additional information.

Additional Logo Location Fees

Our published prices include your logo embroidered in one location. The charge for additional logo locations is $5 per location per item.

4-7 lbs$17.45
8-25 lbs$30.00
26-34 lbs$50.00
35-49 lbs$55.00
50-99 lbs$75.00
100-200 lbs$160.00