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Why Queensboro? The Four P's Make Queensboro Special.

Productive, Positive, Principled and Proactive. Queensboro is built on The Four P's. Click here to read more.Our number one goal at Queensboro is to become a great company. This, we believe, starts with having great employees. Truly great employees will solve all business problems. We define being a great employee as having The 4 P's, which means being Productive, Positive, Principled and Proactive. Scroll down to learn more about The Four P's.


We are very good at what we do. Click here to read more.Obviously, if we are not good at what we do nothing else matters. However, we also believe that we can't be productive at the expense of the other P's. Being productive is not about being a superstar. It is about consistent quality, day in and day out. With 35 years of experience and millions and millions of shirts sold, you can count on Queensboro to be very good at what we do.


Positive is about the quality of our energy. Click here to read more.In many ways Positive is the King of the P's. As we all know, the downward pull of emotional gravity is strong. It takes everyone's best collective efforts to keep a team up. To be great, the quality of our energy as individuals and as a team has to be great. This is real work for some, while for others it is as natural as breathing. Most of us are probably naturally neutral to positive with our energy. Neutral, however, is not positive! At Queensboro, we all work hard to be and stay positive every day. As a Queensboro customer you can count on us to help lift you up every time we talk or interact with you.


Principled is about treating you the way we would want to be treated if we were the customer. Click here to read more.We all believe different things. However, I think we can agree that at its core, being principled is about treating others the way we would like to be treated ourselves. This seems simple, but in many ways, being principled is the hardest P. Putting others first often takes courage, and is often quite inconvenient. Without principles, however, there can never be trust. And without trust, real communication and meaningful relationships are impossible. You can trust Queensboro to always put your interests before ours.



Proactive is the "secret sauce" of greatness. Click here to read more.If you are productive, positive and principled, that's pretty good! To be great, however, we must also be proactive, which means to anticipate, to reflect, to do more than simply react to the world around us. The ability to be proactive is what distinguishes humans from our fellow creatures. And being proactive is what brings humanity to our daily interactions. Over the past 35 years we have sold millions of shirts to thousands of customers. We haven't seen it all, but we've seen a lot of it! At Queensboro you can count on us to be proactive and to draw on our experience to help guide you toward the best solution for your needs.

Our Mission

Helping people share who they are with the world.

Our Values

  • Always do the right thing. 
  • Value relationships above all. 
  • Innovate & have fun! 

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